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vIDix Identify

Credential Management Software

Print quality badge designs at an affordable price using a system that works best for your organization


Whether it be printing employee badges for a small company or student IDs for an entire school district, we have the solution for you. ID badges are useful in providing appropriate role-based access to restricted areas, vending services, as well as visual identification.

Person Information
We offer multiple options for gathering pertinent information that will be displayed on an ID badge. We can connect to an existing database or import records to vIDix Identify database from another application source such as Access Control.

Photo Identification
Credentials provide immediate recognition visually identifying authorized personnel. Organizations can easily verify those employees who belong or have certain qualifications, enabling your entire workforce to participate in your security plan.

Signatures & Barcodes
Centralize the collection and storage of signatures for additional security measures. Print barcode symbologies, including QR Codes for quickly scanning data used with multiple systems.


Create a new badge design within minutes.  vIDix Identify has a comprehensive badge designer with tools to format text, include 1D & 2D bar code symbologies, add graphics and security features. Use drop down lists, data entry masks, date pickers, check mark selections and default values to ensure data is entered accurately.

Corporate Image & Branding  

Add company logos and graphics to customize the appearance to fit your company culture.

Identification Security 
Display images or certifications which visually displays security related information. Use proximity cards for admittance into a facility or designated areas.


Use a printer that will meet your needs and be easy to maintain.  We offer a variety of options and have the expertise to recommend the best fit for your needs.

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