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Adjustable Length Swivel Straps

A cast of 140,000 athletes, security personnel, and volunteers wore these breakaway vinyl straps at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

Adjustable Length Swivel StrapsThe strap length can be adjusted to any length between 38" and 22", so you can order one item for people of different heights.   And swivels at each end of the strap insure that it hangs without twisting.

The swivels attach to badge holders with punched holes such as our Hang Holders, Flap and Zipper Holders, or Extra Large Badge Holders.

  • Colors available:  Frosty Clear, Black, Royal Blue, and White.
  • Buckle adjusts strap length.
Stock # Color
BS-38A Frosty Clear
BS-38A Black
BS-38A Royal Blue
BS-38A White

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